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Online Game Events by VOW Foundation

The VOW Foundation has been recruiting youth groups to provide online educational games in partnership with the VOW Foundation. Community Service Hours can be provided to all youth volunteering with the VOW Foundation. Educational Games are a great way to learn and educate others about the many important topics, especially educating in a Peer to Peer setting.

The first Game Event was very successful. Students in the Raleigh Charter Key Club from Raleigh Charter High School in North Carolina created three games on a live Zoom Link in January 2021. The Key Club Volunteers took the lead and designed and created the games and the poster for the event, along with advertising in their school, and then facilitating the event. As President, I was live at the event. The event was conducted professionally and the students were very interactive. I want to publicly thank the group for their volunteering efforts. Ten top winners of the Game Night Event were provided Amazon E-Gift Certificates. Topics included synthetic drugs, addiction, mental health, suicide awareness and general wellness. Education in these areas is the mission of the VOW Foundation. Here is the game poster they designed:

Additional public and private game events are being designed by youth in partnership with the VOW Foundation. For more information or to volunteer, please contact me at

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