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Community Help = NARCAN Training

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

The VOW Foundation in partnership with Farnham Family Services is conducting NARCAN trainings for everyone in the community. “All community members are encouraged to learn and carry NARCAN to help save lives,” according to Teresa Woolson, President of the VOW Foundation. The Trainings are targeted for employees and/or community members of all ages. NARCAN (also known as Naloxone) is the lifesaving nasal medication for an opioid overdose. The overdose rate in Oswego County and the Central New York Region remains very high. This medication is a harm reduction tool that has helped save hundreds of lives every year.

Learn the proper way to use and carry this medication in the Zoom Training. Training is just under an hour long. If you simply want a refresher or have questions, please sign up for the training. All community members are urged to learn about and carry a NARCAN kit. The kits are provided within Oswego County to anyone who has been trained. There is no cost for the training and the kits are being provided by Opioid Overdose Prevention Initiative through the NYS Department of Health. The Trainer is Sarah Banach, Senior Therapist and Case Manager, from Farnham Family Services. Sarah works at the Oswego County Department of Social Services, conducting drug and alcohol screenings and assessments, as well as makes referrals for treatment. Sarah is a licensed CASAC (Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor) by New York State. She is certified to train just about anyone in the use of nasal Narcan. The only restrictions would be if someone is mature and responsible enough to go through the training.

Are you trained and carrying NARCAN? Ask your neighbors, spread the word, let’s get this lifesaving medication into the hands of the community and help save lives. If you have a kit that has expired or would like a refresher training, sign up! If you want to bring someone to the training, sign both of you up. If you simply have questions about NARCAN, sign up.

Naloxone Trainings are scheduled as follows:

  • Tues 5/4 at 6 pm

  • Fri 5/21 at 2 pm

  • Weds 6/2 at 2 pm

  • Weds 6/14 at 10 am

  • Weds 6/30 at 2 pm

  • Fri 7/16 at 10 am

  • Mon 7/26 at 2

  • Weds 8/18 at 10 am

  • Mon 8/30 at 2 pm

  • Fri 9/17 at 10 am

  • Mon 9/27 at 2 pm

  • Weds 10/13 at 10 am

  • Mon 11/8 at 10 am

  • Fri 11/19 at 10 am

  • Weds 12/8 at 10 am

  • Mon 12/20 at 2 pm

To register for one of the trainings, please simply email your name to You will be provided with the Zoom Link and a reminder on the day of the training. If you’re not sure which day you can attend, sign up for the first one and you will receive reminders if you miss it. The trainings will be posted on the VOW website as well as the VOW Facebook Page. If you have any questions, please send them along in the email or call/text Teresa Woolson at (315) 402-6119. The VOW Foundation is named after Victor Orlando Woolson who died from synthetic drugs in 2012.

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