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The Victor Orlando Woolson Foundation Inc.

"Learn, share, save a life. Save YOUR life."

Information about Synthetic Drugs

The VOW Foundation was named in honor of Victor Orlando Woolson who died, at the young age of 19, in August, 2012, from a fatal reaction to synthetic marijuana also known as K2/Spice, packaged as incense.  He purchased the product legally in a store in Oswego, NY, AFTER bans were in place by the Health Department, the Federal Government and the State of New York. Each package of synthetic drugs are different; trying them just once is like playing Russian-Roulette with your life.  Synthetic marijuana is poison sprayed on leaves – highly toxic!!!

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We VOW to help in this war against synthetics. Parents, relatives and friends need to be aware of the dangers of these poisons. PLEASE educate yourself and pass on the information to others!


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