July 12, 2019

Finally, the Jury in the 10-day Trial in LasVegas, Nevada, where Victor Orlando Woolson is the named Victim has found Charles Burton Ritchie and Benjamin Galecki Guilty on 24 Federal charges.  One charge of Continued Criminal Enterprise calls for a minimum of 20 years to life.  Here is the news report from the Federal Court:

Department of Justice

U.S. Attorney’s Office

District of Nevada


Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Manufacturers Of "Spice" Convicted Of Operating A Continuing Criminal Enterprise, Possessing And Distributing A Controlled Substance Analogue

LAS VEGAS, Nev. – Two individuals were convicted of 24 counts related to the manufacture of synthetic cannabinoids (commonly referred to as “spice”) today by a federal jury includi...

June 28, 2019

As medical science develops and the number of injection drugs used by patients continues to grow, so does the use of needles in the home, at work, or while traveling. Improper disposal of needles may expose family members, neighbors, residents, and even public works employees to needle sticks, cuts, or punctures. Although many laws and rules govern needles and other medical waste, enforcement often focuses on health care facilities and medical waste operations.

The Oswego County Health Department and the VOW Foundation suggest that people follow US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommendations that used needles and sharps be placed immediately in a sharps-disposal container. These containers are made of puncture-resistant plastic with leak-res...

April 23, 2019

Participating in this year's SAFE Fair include some massages, reike, energy healing, Tai Chi and much more.  This year you can sample some of the great services from providers such as Angels Light Healing, Mind, Body, Spirit Reike & Beyond, Light of Life Tai Chi & QiGong, Essentially Inspired, Spirit Works, along with Mindfulness activity tables by the New Vision Allied Health Program students including making stress balls, bubbles, breathing sticks, gratitude jar, calming jars, essential oils, mandalas, positive affirmations, zentangles, fidgets for stress, meditation, jewelry chakra and hooping.  Have a heart rate variability scan by Canalview Chiropractic, PC, DARE Program information by Officer Grover of the Oswego City Police Department, Driv...

April 12, 2019

Healthway Home Products of Pulaski donated a Deluxe 20600-3 Home Air Purifier to the VOW Foundation.  Shown in the photo is John “JD” Damon Jr.. Account Manager of Intellipure Inc. and Teresa Woolson of the VOW Foundation with the Deluxe Air Purifier.   All proceeds will benefit the VOW Foundation for educational activities such as the Annual SAFE Fair.  Tickets were designed and printed by Mitchell Printing and donated to us for this raffle.  Tickets are $5.00 each and the drawing will be held on June 1, 2019.  The drawing will be videotaped and shown on the VOW Facebook Page.  We are looking for volunteers to help sell these tickets, if you can help us out, please contact Teresa Woolson at (315) 402-6119 or email at board@vow-foundation.org.  Pl...

April 2, 2019

The VOW Foundation will once again hold their Annual Oswego County Substance Awareness Family Education Fair at the Lake Ontario Event and Conference Center on Sunday, April 28th from 12-4 in Oswego.  This is a Free Family Fun Event.  The opioid epidemic continues in Oswego County and education is vital to preventing further tragedies.  The statistics remain alarming, however, treatment options are now much more available.

This year’s event will focus on holistic and alternative ideas to help prevent and treat addiction and/or mental illness.  The New Vision Health Students will have ‘stations’ of hands-on activities around Mindfulness, in addition to the many service providers and organizations ready to provide games and activities aroun...

March 14, 2019

 Thomas Nunez-Smith provided a check to Teresa Woolson of the VOW Foundation recently.  Queens for a Cause donated the proceeds of their January Drag Show Event to the VOW Foundation.  "This is a huge help to our small non-profit as we are all volunteer," noted Teresa Woolson, President of the VOW Foundation.   Thomas added that small non-profits like the VOW Foundation are perfect organizations for their donation.  The VOW Foundation will be the recipient of the funds from every January Drag Show!   The VOW Foundation is very appreciative and encourages and supports the LGBTQ community.   The SPOT (OCO's Clubhouse) is open as a drop-in center for the LGBTQ community youth on Wednesdays in Oswego and is also the host of a monthly Drag Queen Story...

March 5, 2019

The SAFE Fair is a collaboration of service providers, groups and organizations, businesses and corporations, helping to bring needed, updated information about substances, addiction, mental illness along with ways to help relieve stress and anxiety.

Please help me  thank the Sponsors who have contributed funds to date, click on their name or logo and visit their websites, learn more about the great companies who help our community, such as:  Lydall Performance Materials, Central Region Addiction Resource Center, ARISE, Newschannel 9, Exelon Generation, Eastern Shore Associates, NBT Bank, Felix Schoeller, Caraccioli Law, Planned Results, Fulton Savings Bank, Farnham Family Services, General Laborers Local 633, Sorbello Farms, Compass Credit Union,...

March 4, 2019

Officer Thomas Grover is the full-time DARE Officer.  He teaches the new DARE Curriculum in the 1st Grades, 3rd Grades, 5th Grades and 7th Grades in the Oswego City School District.  The new curriculum is designed around decision making for a healthy lifestyle.  Each grade's curriculum builds on the previous one.  This is very exciting and important for the health of our community.

The VOW Foundation has partnered with the City of Oswego Police Department for their DARE Program.  This enables funds from businesses , families and individuals to be contributed to the DARE Program tax-deductible.  The donations will be exclusively set aside for the DARE Program.  Donations through the VOW Foundation will be used for extra curricular act...

February 6, 2019

This year has begun with a continued health crisis around synthetic drugs.  MOST all of the drugs on the streets today contain some synthetic drugs,  If you are lucky enough to be alive after taking some kind of drugs, next time you might not be so lucky.  Even those alive and who have stopped taking drugs, continue to find harmful symptoms years later.

The Oswego Hospital Emergency Room, on average, continues to find a minimum of one person per day with overdoes symptoms.  The medical personnel and law enforcement continue to be in harm's way during the performance of their jobs.  The erratic behavior of those who have taken something with a synthetic drug in it continues to threaten the community.  The harm to the addict's body and...

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