XLR-11 from Research to Controlled Substance - Part 3

K2 or Spice or Synthetic Marijuana

The legal battles continue on the Federal Level - using the Federal Analog Law. The Federal Analog Law is not easily proven. A substance must be similar and similarly used as controlled substance, thus it can be classified as an Analog substance and treated as the Controlled Substance it is mimicking. The manufacturers of Spice/K2 using XLR-11 (research chemical from China) were able to distribute this product all over the United States, causing harm and death.

These manufacturers (Charles Burton Ritchie and Benjamin Galecki) were able to accumulate millions of dollars in cash and assets in 2012 from this product (K2/Spice). There was an Operation LogJam - A federal drug operation and bust - that undercovered the manufacturers of this deadly product in many areas of the United States.

Both Charles Ritchie & Ben Galecki were arrested in several states for the manufacture and distribution of Spice. In the years that follow, they were tried in Virginia and found guilty...then this was overturned and a new trial awaits. The trial in LasVegas Nevada is the one where Victor Woolson is named as a victim, along with another 19 year old who died from the product sold by these men. The Trial in Nevada was postponed time after time for several years. Finally, the trial took place in June of 2019 and both were found GUILTY of the top King-Pin Crime - Continued Criminal Enerprise, along with over 20 other charges. This took 7 years after Victor Died for the guilty verdict.

Next Step includes Victim Impact Statements to be given in person in the Federal Courthouse in downtown LasVegas, Nevada. I have been waiting over 7 years to do this! The sentencing was set for 9/20/19. As happens with Federal Courts, this date was moved to October 15, 2019. Heading for Vegas besides myself will be my daughter Sarah Gauger (Victor's Sister), Barry Gauger (Victor's Brother-In'Law) and Bonnie Caza (Victor's Aunt). My Victim Impact Statement along with Sarah's and Bonnie's have been sent to the Victim Witness Coordinator to submit to the Court. Flights and hotel rooms are reserved as we await our turn to speak. We are speaking for Victor and Oswego County. We are speaking for New York State and the Entire Country. We are speaking for all people who have been harmed and continue to be harmed by the poisons of synthetic drugs. We are representing all citizens of this United States of America.