Natural High - Learning Post #1

First - Watch the short video featuring Cassadee Post.

Next - Discuss and Answer these questions:

1. Cassadee worked hard to sing, starting lessons at age four. Do you think a Natural High has to be something you are intrinsically good at? Why?

2. Cassadee talks about her group of friends and how that has been important for her support system. Who makes up your support system?

3. Cassadee seems comfortable saying, “no.” How do you say, “no” when it’s hard?

4. Cassadee’s friends seemed to be curious and began to experiment with drugs. Are you curious about using drugs and alcohol?

5. Who can you talk to about using drugs and alcohol?

6. How would you define a drug addiction?

7. Is it ever safe to experiment with drugs?

We would love to have your thoughts on all of these questions. If you would like to share your answers, please send them to me at: with "Natural High #1" in the subject line.

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