New DARE Program in Oswego

Officer Thomas Grover is the full-time DARE Officer. He teaches the new DARE Curriculum in the 1st Grades, 3rd Grades, 5th Grades and 7th Grades in the Oswego City School District. The new curriculum is designed around decision making for a healthy lifestyle. Each grade's curriculum builds on the previous one. This is very exciting and important for the health of our community.

The VOW Foundation has partnered with the City of Oswego Police Department for their DARE Program. This enables funds from businesses , families and individuals to be contributed to the DARE Program tax-deductible. The donations will be exclusively set aside for the DARE Program. Donations through the VOW Foundation will be used for extra curricular activities and items to enhance the program.

Be sure to visit the DARE page on the VOW Website -, On that page you will find a new solicitation letter requesting donations for the DARE Program - to be used for 5th Grade Field Trip in June 2019. Officer Grover would like to treat the graduating classes to something extra, like this field trip and/or bowling parties, for example. Donations can be sent through the VOW Foundation and are tax-deductible. Officer Grover is not allowed to request fund on his own. Please help the DARE Program by sharing the information.

The VOW Foundation and the community is very excited about the new DARE Program in the City of Oswego.