Current Drugs Update

This year has begun with a continued health crisis around synthetic drugs. MOST all of the drugs on the streets today contain some synthetic drugs, If you are lucky enough to be alive after taking some kind of drugs, next time you might not be so lucky. Even those alive and who have stopped taking drugs, continue to find harmful symptoms years later.

The Oswego Hospital Emergency Room, on average, continues to find a minimum of one person per day with overdoes symptoms. The medical personnel and law enforcement continue to be in harm's way during the performance of their jobs. The erratic behavior of those who have taken something with a synthetic drug in it continues to threaten the community. The harm to the addict's body and brain are sometimes irreversible. Family and friends are having trouble finding ways to help.

Education is the number one tool to helping those experimenting and addicted to the current drugs today. The drugs today are NOT the same as the last generation, especially not the same as the generation from the 1960s and 70s when many of the drugs first became popular. Almost all drugs are now being made with the addition of synthetic drugs. The reasons for this include (1) these drugs are legal research chemicals and easy to purchase; (2) these drugs do not show up on drug tests; (3) these drugs are very inexpensive; and (4) these drugs make the original drugs much more powerful (and deadly).

There is a new Molly Youth Crisis Team meeting monthly as a part of the Youth Creating Change (YC3) Coalition. This group is working on an educational piece for their peers in their home high schools called "Toilet Talk," similar to the SUNY Oswego program. The Team have designed these informational pieces to educate about Molly/Folly causing harm. A SUNY Oswego Crisis Team is in the plans to hopefully be formed in the near future for the students to educate each other on this crisis. The Upstate Poison Center will be holding educational sessions for the medical profession to update them on the current drugs, including synthetic drugs.

Recently Lee Livermore of the Upstate Poison Center delivered a Train the Trainer Presentation on Juuling, a current adolescent epidemic that is a growing concern. Not only are youth juuling nicotine at a very high rate, the electronic devices are designed to use other juices, such as synthetic drugs and marijuana. These devices are not harm-free as advertised. These devices have added chemicals and metals that are causing harm, in addition to the nicotine at sometimes high levels.

The BUZZ around drugs must be updated - Drugs are not the same as our parents and grandparents' drugs. Drugs today contain deadly chemicals that are very random in type and amounts and now cause death to those who experiment or who are addicted. Drugs today are much more addictive and harmful than they have ever been in the past. Beware and be educated.

The most updated information can be found at the 6th Annual Oswego County Substance Awareness Family Education Fair (SAFE Fair) which will be held at the Lake Ontario Event and Conference Center in Oswego. This event is free family fun event. Plan to attend from 12-4 and learn about the many hands-on activities designed to educate about the many diverse alternatives to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.