Synthetic Drugs Today

Synthetic drugs today are designer drugs created by a new type of drug dealer. The new drug dealer today knows where to obtain cheap synthetic drugs such as bath salts. Bath salts are not like the ones you actually put in your bath water. These Bath Salts chemicals that look like bath salts that are put into all the drugs today - they are the stimulants that keep people up for days. These Bath Salts are causing havoc with all health care workers and law enforcement. The bath salts are the cause of the crazy things you might see people doing in the streets, such as screaming and freaking out, crashing their bodies into buildings and cars, causing panic in our communities.

Synthetic Drugs today are in all street drugs - Heroin, Molly, Ecstasy, Cocaine, Chrystal Meth, etc. If you tried drugs a decade or more ago, they would not be the same chemical makeup they are today. Heroin used to be Heroin, Molly used to be MDMA, Ecstasy used to be MDMA, Crystal Meth used to be Crystal Meth. NOT TODAY. They all contain some synthetic drugs! Mostly bath salts, some halucinogens.

Bath salts are very easy to obtain. They are classified as Research Chemicals and not regulated in the United States. Please know that the drugs today are all being designed with synthetic drugs and are causing a lot of harm.