Social Host Law Explained

There is a new Social Host Law in the City of Oswego. New York State has a Social Host Accountability Law in place already - which means if someone provides alcohol to a minor, they are held accountable by law. The loophole that exists in the State Law is that it's hard to know or prove WHO actually provided the alcohol to the minor(s). This loophole is closed in the City of Oswego with the new Social Host Law.

This new Law will hold the Owner, Landlord and/or Renter accountable for any underage drinking (Or Drugs, including synthetic drugs) that happens in the home. Parents can no longer choose to allow their underage child or their friends to drink or do drugs under their roof. Parents will need to be aware of what the youth are doing. Parents can no longer hold a graduation party with alcohol for their high school graduate and their friends, without being completely sure none of them are touching the alcohol or drugs. Owners and Landlords can no longer allow underage drinking to occur in their houses. Renters can no longer invite their underage friends over for a drink. This will help save the lives of our youth.

Breaking this law is a Misdemeanor. First offense will be a $250 fine. Not much punishment. However, it is also public record and a misdemeanor. Second offense is $500 and Third offense is $1,000.

This is a great step in the prevention of harm to the youth of our community. Thank our Common Councilman Kevin Hill for the proposal and the City of Oswego for passing this very important law.