Youth Crisis Team Meets Again 11/5

The newly formed Youth Crisis Team will meet again Monday, November 5th at the Prevention Offices of Farnham Family Services. This is also the home of the Oswego County Prevention Coalition and the Youth Creating Change Coalition. the Youth Crisis Team will become a part of the YC3 Youth Creating Change Coalition. All students between ages 13 and 18 are welcome to attend and check it out or become a member.

The Meeting will start at 5:30 with Pizza provided by the VOW Foundation. The Coalition Assistant, Carlie Morley, will lead the Youth in discussing their meetings at their home schools and beginning to design the new ToiletTalk educational pieces for the High School rest room stalls. They youth thought this would be a great way to reach their peers and educate them about the current crisis with Molly, rather Fake Molly.

The Youth Crisis Team have discussed what they have seen in their schools, in regard to drugs. Most have seen students coming to school high on marijuana. This will most likely be the second topic they decide to educate about. With the legalization of recreational use of marijuana around the corner, education about the dangers would be a good next step.

I am very excited that there is a Youth Crisis Team and their excitement about helping their community is fantastic. Education about Molly and other drugs will be very well-received and hopefully heard coming from youth to youth - Helping to save lives.