Synthetic Drugs Today (Today Series #2)

The Crisis today is Synthetic Drugs. The drugs of the past are no longer the same nor do they cause the same harm – THEY ARE DEADLY and causing a lot, lot more harm than their former, pure forms did. Ecstasy (pill form) and Molly (powder or capsule form) are street names for the drug MDMA. MDMA is a known synthetic drug that is illegal. Today, there is little to no MDMA in ecstasy and molly. The drug is being designed to look and act like the former versions (MDMA) to make the drug dealers a lot more money and to not show up on drug tests, and no longer illegal. This holds true with cocaine and heroin as well – they all contain some synthetic drug mixture. Users are sometimes unknowingly taking more doses, under the impression that they have a weak form (of the original drug), not realizing it’s an entirely new chemical.

Bath Salts were in the news years ago, six years ago to be exact, and they are causing much harm TODAY. Synthetic Drugs today are also known as NPS - New Psychoactive Substances. Synthetic Drugs today are also known as Designer Drugs. The synthetic drugs are newly designed drugs, newly created chemical compounds, designed to cause much harm. Drug Dealers today watch the news to see if their product is causing damage and death, this would be a successful batch to them.

Bath Salts, as in synthetic drugs, are not created to be put in your bathwater. They are designed to look like the bath salts you put in your bath water, to fool the public and law enforcement. Don't be fooled, these are deadly and very addicting.

Synthetic Drugs are addicting. Once addicted, the body craves the chemicals and logic does not overpower the person’s ability to stop searching for relief. Unfortunately, the relief found on the streets is going to contain synthetic drugs. Why can’t they be better regulated? There are literally several hundred identified synthetic drugs that are being tested today, typically following an overdose or death. The laboratories are not only backed up, but there are no control specimens to test the products against. It’s been taking several years for each of these deadly chemicals to be classified as Illegal Schedule 1 drugs. In the meantime, several hundred more are being designed. There is no catching up to the new drug dealer.