VOW to Partner with DARE Program in City of Oswego

The Oswego City Common Council approved a Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement with the VOW Foundation in regard to the DARE program. This came about following a connection made at the Oswego County Prevention Coalition Meeting. The Coalition meets on the 4th Wednesday of the month at the Prevention Offices of Farnham Family Services in Oswego. Great connections are made there!

During a recent Coalition Meeting, I was having a conversation about the DARE Program with Officer Grover. Officer Grover was discussing a recent activity he took a DARE group of youth on. He really wanted to be able to pay the way for every child in his class to be able to attend such outings. There is no funding for such extra curricular activities. Officer Grover thought it would be great to be able to solicit some funds from a local bank or business to help provide the DARE Program with extra activities for the youth. I knew that Officer Grover took his responsibility as a DARE Officer very seriously and his ideas were very important, connecting with the youth in different surroundings and participating in extra activities.

I was able to offer a possible Fiscal Sponsorship with the VOW Foundation, due to the knowledge I possess about such arrangements. As the President of a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organizations, I know the structure and basis for a Fiscal Sponsorship arrangement. Fiscal Sponsorship entails accepting funds through the Fiscal Sponsor (VOW Foundation) allowing donations to be tax-exempt contributions set aside for a specific purpose - the DARE Program.

Following a meeting with attorney Kevin Caraccioli, a draft Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement was created and forwarded to the City for their consideration. The Fiscal Sponsorship idea was met with great enthusiasm from both the Oswego Police Department and Mayor Barlow. The agreement was placed on the Common Council's Committee Agenda for October 1st and easily passed. Once the agreement is signed, solicitation of funds can begin.

I am excited about the possibilities of the DARE Program educating our youth in a very meaningful way.