Drug Dealers Today (Today Series #1)

I have heard that we have an average of one person per day being admitted to the Emergency Room for overdoses and psychosis from synthetic drugs in Oswego County. A lot of these are cases of fake molly, some are heroin, all are from synthetic drugs. Law enforcement and Health Care Employees are all being exposed to the harm that synthetics are causing, with no effective treatment to provide.

Drug Dealers today are much more sophisticated, creating designer drugs that are similar and mimicking street drugs of the past. Today, drugs such as cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, LSD and others are ALL made up of a mixture of chemicals, unlike the pure forms they are known by. Today, these drugs that caused some harm in the past are causing an epidemic of death and psychosis, due to the physical makeup of the drugs. Drug Dealers do not try their product, they design their product to do the most harm, and use chemicals that are very easy to obtain and not regulated. Drug dealers today know they can’t be held accountable as the chemicals are not illegal!

Most of those addicted to a substance today either started with a legitimate prescription from a physician (whether needed or not), or followed the crowd for fun or escape (whether knowingly or not). Opiates and Synthetic drugs are very, very addictive. If you have tried Ecstasy or Molly in the past, you might not understand how or why it is not the same today.

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