Proposed Federal Legislation - Protecting our Youth from Dangerous Synthetic Drugs

NOW is the time to take ACTION and spread this information all over the United States URGING Congress & Senate to pass this bill.

Federal Legislation (Bipartisan) is now in BOTH Congress & Senate titled “Protecting our Youth from Dangerous Synthetic Drugs Act of 2015”

The proposed legislation is in the JUDICIAL Committees of both the House & Senate. Bill Numbers are: H.R. 4229 & S.36. The House Version of this bill was inspired by the death of my son.

Please send messages to the people in all states to contact their representatives AND the Members of the Judicial Committees and let them know this Legislation is CRITICAL to the Health of the United States Citizens. THIS IS THE YEAR to pass this legislation.

This legislation will keep these poisons off the shelves and streets as well as decrease the time it takes to add new substances to the Controlled Substance List (1-2 months instead of several YEARS).

Let's get online petitions, letter writing campaigns and phone calls made ALL OVER THE UNITED STATES.

YOU can help! Please copy/paste/share - Get this to your contacts in other states! Please share all your efforts with me at Together we can do this!