The SITSA Act of 2017

Stop the Importation and Trafficking of Synthetic Analogs Act of 2017 The VOW Foundation continues to advocate for effective Legislation to help in this synthetic drug epidemic. Synthetic Drugs continue to harm and cause death. Congressman John Katko introduced this new Legislation into the U.S. House of Representatives in June of 2017. An exact replica was introduced into the United States Senate in June as well. This Legislation has Bipartisan support. H.R. 2851 and S.1327. This Legislation will help by creating a Schedule A of Controlled Substances for Synthetic Analogs found to be harmful. Currently, there are 5 Schedules for controlled substances. The Attorney General will be able to place these deadly chemical compounds on this new list, making them illegal, with just 30 days notice. Once on the list, the research and testing can continue and the chemical can be made permanent after this process. It now takes YEARS to complete this process in order to place a deadly chemical onto the Controlled Substance List. When this Legislation passes, products can IMMEDIATELY be taken off the shelves of stores. In addition, 13 identified Fentanyl compounds will be immediately added. To bring this into perspective - The Chemical Compound XLR-11 that killed my son in 2012 was identified as a deadly compound in 2012, it took 4 years of testing under our current laws, to place this deadly chemical on the controlled substance list (May, 2016). There are several hundred identified and just a handful have been added to the list. This Legislation is gaining support and I urge you to contact both House and Senate representatives in Washington to request they consider sponsoring this important legislation. Click the photo below to go directly to the Legislation Page for H.R. 2851:

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