Independence Day

I was speaking with Pastor David Bassett many years ago, as I have with many spiritual advisers throughout my life, regarding alcohol and other drugs influence on a person. He began to share with me the correlation with alcohol specifically and the term "spirits". Our conversation began to flourish into a variety of truths and memories of alcohol being an actual possession agent that enters human beings and then changes their very own "spirit". This, he said, is why alcohol got the term spirit since the beginning of time.

Socially, alcohol is very acceptable. Many people drink it. It is cheap. A lot of people get offended when anyone else refers to Alcohol as a drug. Many people proudly say "I don't do drugs" when they drink alcohol. Alcohol is almost like the silent gateway of any other drugs. It's seen at graduation parties, funerals, weddings, even drug rehabilitation fundraiser! Marketers do this because they know people will donate more money if they have been drinking. A lot of people have to go to the bar or a house to drink on the weekends, or whenever they please, because they do not know what else to do. Social media sources like Facebook may be quickly chasing down the number one leisure activity, but today's article is on alcohol, not Fb. One thing at a time people.

Financially, alcohol was attempted to be banned but the outlash of people and the discernment for profit made it impossible. Knowing that the rate of return on a soda machine is like 1000%, this is similar to alcohol. Any bottle of alcohol you see is mostly water with some additives and poison. Add a couple words and pictures and boom, you've got a bottle of addictive liquid with a rate of return to similar accounts as soda pop. And alcohol is a lot cheaper than cocaine. Research has found that once someone stops buying alcohol and cocaine there is a lot more money to run businesses, travel, buy nice perfume, buy gifts for people, go dancing (and not fall down), save money for my son, or go to comedy shows.

Physically, alcohol has the power to create a blackout in people. This just means that the poison level is so high and potent in alcohol that our brain can literally shut off. Our conscious, the baseline of the mind/body and spirit connection is a very mysterious part of us. The fact that this can go black while still living in this world is extremely alarming. The saddest part is that life can be so stressful and upsetting to some that a blackout is actually seeked for relief. Sadly, being one of the slowest killers, unlike herion or other illicit and prescriptin drugs, those blackouts and temporary buzzes are actually just poisoning your brain. That is what a drunk is.

This brings us to the spiritualy component of using alcohol and other drugs. When I am intoxicated by anything at aytime my spirit is also intoxicated. If our spirit is our link to our Creator or wherever we came from I wonder the effect there. If a conscious contact with my Creator is then a guide for my physical/mental wellbeing then I wonder what are these drugs, including and especially alcohol, doing to everyone. A study said 90% of people in America are on some sort of anti-anxiety or anti-depressant. Yet, I don't know too many people that don't drink. So is our nation just blotting out their consciousness to the bitter end? Or are we actively progressing to live freely like our forefathers worked so hard for us too?

The freedom from addiction is not as easy as "well I'll just stop hurting myself and everyone around me" but it is that simple. From my experience, no one really knows the cause or end of addiction but recovery is possible. Recovery to do those same things and live that same life again is not possible. In order to achieve true independence after addiction or mental/physical/spiritual illness, one must have a vital spiritual change and that requires a lot of other lifestyle changes from the way we eat, the way we think, the things we do/say, the exercise we do, the company we have, the work we execute, ad infinitum. Freedom is possible from addiction and mental illness when understanding it as a spiritual illness with a spiritual solution. This Blog Post was written by Guest/Member Jessica Naioti.

Independence Day