XLR-11 From Research to Controlled Substance - Part 2

The Research Chemical XLR-11 that killed Victor Woolson and caused harm all over the United States via Spice/K2 products was found to be a deadly chemical and should be a controlled substance. After several years of testing, this chemical was added to the Controlled Substance List. XLR-11 is a major controlled substance now. After one of these research chemicals are found to be deadly or very harmful, testing begins and takes several years to complete. There are now a few hundred, of the thousands identified as being harmful, that have been added to the controlled substance list.

As you can see, this process is painfully slow, causing harm for years before being identified as a controlled substance. The labs cannot keep up.

Following Victor's Death, meetings and Press Conferences were held with NYS Assemblyman William Barclay - in a attempt to stop these drugs from continuing to cause death and harm. The VOW Foundation was formed and members traveled to Albany to advocate for synthetic drug legislation. Panels with experts were formed for community education, Victor's story was front and center. Press conferences in Oswego and Syracuse, meetings with agencies and non-profits, community leaders and law enforcement continued. The VOW Foundation started their annual Oswego County S.A.F.E. Fair to help educate the community.

Meetings were held with Congressman John Katko during his pre-election in 2014 and continued during his time in Congress. Congressman Katko created a great piece of legislation - the SITSA Act (Stop the Importation and Traffiking of Synthetic Drug Analogs). VOW Foundation members advocated in Washington DC for the SITSA Act. Congressman Katko told Victor's Story on the floor of Congress. The SITSA Act did eventually pass the House of Representatives in 2017, but not the Senate. As a former Federal Drug Prosecutor, Congressman Katko knows the drug cartel world well. He continues to be a strong advocate for synthetic drug legislation.

...watch for Part 3 coming soon.